Small business companies play an integral part in our economy. 

There is an abundance of grants and tax incentives available specifically intended to help these businesses succeed.

We work to secure the best financial incentive package to help them grow through the U.S.


Middle-sized companies look at future growth through expansion. Site selection decisions are vital to set up operations in suitable areas for growth. 

Our connection to various agencies across the US provides middle-sized companies with significant financial incentives targeting bottom-line savings for years to come.


Large business plans focus on expansion and improvement at multiple locations to drive growth nationally.

Through our comparative state-by-state analysis, we can highlight the best financial incentive options for site selection and how businesses can save through capital investment.


New York Grant Company helps Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) companies by providing a clear understanding of financial incentives from different states aligned to expansion plans. 
We support this analysis with our comprehensive service to negotiate the maximum value of available incentives and deliver these benefits to you. 

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