National communications company secures nearly $40,000,000 in
tax-saving benefits 
to expand to multiple locations.

What Makes Us Great

New York Grant Company has a truly unique connection to the private and public sectors.

We represent a collection of economic executives that are solely focused on communicating your business plans to government agencies in ways that secure financial incentives. 









50B SF

Industries Served

Financial Services

Today’s complex economic environment poses significant challenges to financial services firms and other participating companies.

Our team of incentive specialists guide industry businesses through available grants and tax opportunities to discover bottom-line savings.

These financial incentives can provide the opportunity to off-set costs when considering relocation, lease renewal, back-office expansion, job creation, and other business investments.


To thrive in a new marketplace, fueled by technical innovation and “always-on” business behavior, insurance firms focus on running more efficiently. Insurance companies have a customer-centric value offering to drive new services while looking at operations to expand business opportunities. New York Grant Company focuses on the same fundamental principles of customer-centric services to simplify the process of securing financial incentives.

Life Science

Today’s Life Sciences industry combines pharmaceutical, medical device, biotech, and other related companies to enhance the future of healthcare development. Each of these company types has different needs tied to growth and success. There are many alternative financing options that the New York Grant Company represents, including R&D Tax Credits, to support these companies through their development.

Logistics & Warehousing

Logistic and Transportation companies need to respond more quickly to an ever-changing business market. Technology and the digital economy play an important role in finding faster, better, and more efficient ways to streamline processes. Our team of incentive specialists work as your partners to best align a variety of options customized to your business plans. We are highly efficient in securing financial incentives by discovering high-impact savings that match business plans.


Building and maintaining a successful manufacturing business today is more complicated than ever. With continued challenges related to workforce development, production costs, and rapidly changing technology, it’s becoming harder for businesses to compete.

There are financial options that can assist businesses to grow and improve operations.

The New York Grant Company specializes in securing financial incentives to reduce operating costs, assist with capital investment, job creation, and workforce development.

Media & Arts

Ad agencies, production houses, public relations, and a host of creative companies compete in an ever-changing marketplace.

The New York Grant Company specializes in tailoring individual solutions that match capital investment, job creation, relocation, expansion, and other business plans by securing a portfolio of financial incentives.

Professional Services

Securing the financial health of professional service firms stems from the opportunity to have the right resources that can respond to business plans.

The New York Grant Company specializes in securing eligible finanical incentives to provide fiscal help when considering new business options.

Real Estate Services

More than ever, real estate companies look to secure a host of options that help fund development with investment strategies. The New York Grant Company is a complementary service provider who has excellent connections to the real estate sector by offering alternative financing options. Our highly specialized, deep concentration on securing financial incentives has awarded $1 billion from various agencies to help grow business and develop real estate.


The technology industry has many businesses, whether a start-up or a maturing provider, seeking higher financial performance, and funding to sustain a competitive presence in today’s marketplace.
The New York Grant Company pays great attention to the tech industry to properly align tailored financial incentives to assist companies transitioning and growing.