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COVID-19 Business Recovery Assistance

Trust New York Grant Company for the Financial Assistance You Need

New York Grant Company has been a trusted partner in obtaining disaster recovery relief for businesses and not-for-profits from federal, state and local levels for more than 20 years. As the first round of COVID-19 assistance was depleted in days, NYGC will be working to fast-track eligible businesses’ applications through multiple channels of assistance available in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.


The most recent funding package gives priority status to women- and minority-owned businesses and has also carved out a specific fund for hospitals. NYGC’s experience ensures we have fully researched the program and we are ready to guide you through the process for the recovery assistance your business needs.


New York Grant Company will:

  • Assess eligibility to ensure compliance and maximize awards.

  • Prepare applications and supporting document packages.

  • Manage applications from beginning to end of the process.

  • File and track applications with the applicable authorities.

  • Address follow-up questions from institutions to expedite review and approvals.

  • Handle follow-up compliance and reporting, including post-approval certifications.  

  • Monitor program developments daily and advise clients of changes and new programs.  


Don’t Wait. The demand will be high and quick action is necessary to secure business recovery assistance. Share your business details below to find out if you're eligible to take advantage of our successful track record securing assistance for companies and not-for-profits nationwide.

Tell Us About Your Business
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Your request was submitted.

Our team will be in touch with you soon about your eligibility. 

What You Can Expect from New York Grant Company:  

  • After outreach, you’ll receive a call from a case manager who will determine eligibility.

  • If eligible, your case manager will help gather and assure delivery of necessary information and documents.  

  • Your case manager will prepare a draft application for your review, including required document packages.

  • Your case manager will submit applications and documents to relevant authorities and track your applications through the system.  

  • Your case manager will keep you updated on status, handle questions as they arise and perform follow-up steps as required.


If you missed out on the first round of funding, New York Grant Company is here to help. We are leaders in helping our clients find financial government incentives nationwide. Many government programs can be complicated, and the rapid deployment of these packages is further clouding procedures. You’ve got enough to worry about — let NYGC bridge the gap for you. 


Whether from the federal, state or local level, New York Grant Company has extensive experience in obtaining disaster recovery relief funding for businesses and nonprofit organizations of all sizes. Let us work to accelerate your applications through every possible channel of assistance available to you.

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