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New York has great business incentives

The state provides a multitude of incentive programs targeting expansion/relocation of business, growth of targeted industries, and attraction of other companies outside the state.

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Excelsior Jobs Program: Businesses that make a growth commitment toward employment growth, investing in significant capital in a New York facility, as well as apply for the grant prior to signing a new lease or purchase agreement are eligible for fully refundable tax credits over a period of 10 years.

Empire State Development Grant Funds: Capital grant funding for projects located in New York State that target economic expansion, job growth, planning, community revitalization, and implementation. Funding is available in three categories: Business Investment; Infrastructure Investment; and Economic Growth Investment.

Workforce Development: A grant of up to $100,000 to fund skills training programs. Grants cover costs related to outside vendors or in-house trainers, textbooks and training materials, wages incurred at time of training, and more.

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